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Louise Brodie

Louise Brodie

The Freshpix photographic library is a collection of photographs by Louise Brodie.

Louise is a freelance journalist and photographer who reports on the South African agricultural sector for South African and international publications. In the process of covering stories about issues within agriculture, she has always appreciated the beauty within the agricultural sector: the produce, the people and the landscape.

The impulse to photograph these subjects on visits to rural areas has seen her library of photographs grow substantially over time. In keeping with the natural subject of the images, as much as possible of the photography is done with natural lighting.

A closer look at the details of nature’s bounty often reveals the natural beauty of the food we eat. In many cases, fresh produce is grown by memorable people in some of the most inspiring landscapes in South Africa these subjects are also reflected in Louise’s art.

Louise lives in the Hex River Valley in South Africa’s Western Cape